Extremely Easy To Manage and In-expensive Cheap Small Compost Bin

Want to save a bunch of time and money getting a Compost Bin? This is the perfect solution for city dwellers who are looking for compost for their plants.

Items Needed
01. Two 5 gallon empty "paint" buckets with removeable lids.
03. Airtight see-through 4 liter or 4 quart sized container for the kitchen to hold left over kitchen scraps.
03. Hand weeder and trowel for stirring the compost.
01. Fill compost buckets with 3 inches of potting soil.
02. Throw scraps into kitchen container.
03. Dump kitchen container scraps into compost buckets when kitchen container is full or when you want to have fun adding to compost.
04. Stir compost with weeder tool and cover. If compost is more wet than perfect soil, leave ajar (open) by about an inch.
05. Rinse kitchen container and replace in kitchen. Use dish-soap if necessary.
06. Stir compost buckets at least once a week even if you don't add kitchen scraps.
This creates the perfect soil in no time at all. It smells great.
If you don't stir the compost it will turn into a bucket of poop so make sure you stir it. Don't disperse the compost to plants until the compost is nice and dark and no longer looks like the potting soil you started with originally. Out of nowhere you may get Soldier Flies. These are large black wasp looking flies. They are great! They don't sting, though they look like they would, and they keep regular flies away. They create interesting looking larvae which aren't going to hurt your compost any. Somebody wrote online that bread is bad for compost. Baloney, bread is great for compost. Tea bags, banana peels, you name it. I wouldn't throw meat in there though (I'm vegetarian anyway). Also, the buckets are small so add leaves and yard cuttings sparingly. The system is not large enough for grass clippings from your yard or tree clippings. My town has a greens recycling program so they create mulch out of the yard greens. The beauty of recycling food scraps and such is why add it to the trash and make trash trucks haul it away burning fuel and adding to global warming? Especially when you can add to your garden in such a postive way.

Figure 1: Compost Bucket and lid

lockandlock.png weeder.pngtrowel.png
Figure 2: Kitchen Container Figure 3: Hand Weeder Tool and Trowel

Figure 4: Soldier Fly With Eggs